Don Sandel is the founder of GoPositiv.  He’s been leading talent development efforts for small and large organizations for the last few decades and has transitioned those skills and experiences into GoPositiv.  He began studying the brain and its effect on learning about a decade ago, discovered compelling and irrefutable research around positivity, “I researched how positivity impacted learning and development, literally enabled the brain to learn more effectively, and was immediately hooked!” Don then researched everything on the topic from Achor, Seligman, Fredrickson, Rock, Goleman, Seppala, Hanson et al and completed a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.

Empowered by the neuroscience that supports positive psychology, Don created a program called Positive Performance for a large pharmaceutical company, to huge success.  Not long after, he was presenting and keynoting at conferences around the globe. “This is a lifestyle dedicated to improving employee and organization performance through science!” Don is a dynamic presenter, a self-proclaimed pathological extrovert, and brings a fun and irreverent brand of humor to all his engagements.