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Connect your identity, your strengths, your voice, and your growth mindset to a strong support team, because you have the absolute right to manifest your dreams. We offer four tracks to raise your awareness, help you assess, reflect, and walk away with a plan to activate or accelerate your career.

I Belong. I am Engaged. I am Empowered. I am Supported.

I Belong.

In this track, you will release the transformational power of belonging through story-telling, self-identity development, and community. You have a voice that needs to be heard. You will thrive brilliantly instead of simply trying to survive.

Sessions include:

  • Generations of Immigration Leading to Multicultural Legacies
  • Uplifting Unheard API Voices
  • Dealing with Anti-Asian Racism and Xenophobia

I am Engaged.

In this track, you will learn to lead with your amplified voice to cultivate inclusion in your environment. You will discover the power of connections and community as safety nets for you to push the limits of your talent and strengths.

Sessions include:

  • Echo Chambers in API Culture
  • Impact of the API Arts & Entertainment Industry on the Future Landscape of Leadership
  • Cultivating Belonging in the Workplace

I am Empowered.

From talent to strengths, from strengths to powers. In this track, you will be emboldened to lead yourself and others in removing barriers and breaking boundaries to achieve your life and career goals.

Sessions include:

  • Women in Influence
  • Breaking Barriers: Real People, Real Experiences
  • Making the Future of Work More Inclusive and Equitable

I am Supported.

You are not on your leadership journey alone. In this track, we provide concrete tools for you to pursue your dream career. We teach you how to be an authentic and remarkable leader serving with confidence, courage, clarity, and conviction. The connections you make at this convention will also help expand your support network which will serve as your resources and cheerleaders.

Sessions include:

  • Landing Your Dream Job in a Networked Age: A trio of mini-sessions to kickstart your journey
  • Resume-Building Workshop
  • Strategies for the Current Job Market
  • Networking Techniques

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