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The year 2020 has certainly made a mark in history books. We faced many challenges as a society. With new health standards enforced, new economic rebuild, ecosystems threatened, and a new social justice system demanded, one could only wonder what is next to come in the second half of the year. 

There’s no doubt that we, as society, have adapted a new form of everyday life. It doesn’t matter who you are, “logging in” is now the start of any engagement. From home-schooling to video conferencing, and from virtual happy hour to family dinners, our remote access to society is, in hopes, a temporary avenue of social interaction. 

As we shift our normal activities to a safe learning environment, we implore our members to navigate the virtual professional setting together. This year’s Leadership Convention will focus on the challenges we face today as a student, young professional, entrepreneur, and/or executive leader. How does one stay focused in professional growth, remotely and how does one maintain business or a thriving network during these crazy times. We explore insights from other members and leaders through our very, first, Virtual Leadership Conference, by NAAAP.

Our leaders of NAAAP, annually presents a three-day conference to develop, connect, and celebrate with members and leaders. It brings members the opportunity to learn about best practices in diversity and talent management. It brings members a chance to bond with inspirational speakers and entrepreneurs. The conference also recognizes Asian leaders at every level: lifetime achievement, community unsung heroes, emerging changemakers, and NAAAP leaders. We will continue to execute all of the above but in a combined two day conference, remotely. 

While the attendees are typically Asian and Pacific Islanders and supporters of the API community, the conference welcomes people from all ethnic, cultural, and professional backgrounds.

On August ##, the conference begins with an ERG Summit for corporate Employee Resource Groups.  That same evening, a Welcome Reception with attendees for the ERG Summit and other Convention attendees will be held.  On , August ##, several tracks of leadership programming begins, with keynotes, panels, seminars, and workshops.  The evening includes multiple receptions focused on different networking audiences.  On August ##, the conference continues with a signature gala and awards ceremony for the NAAAP 100 awards & Inspire awards, presented by United Airlines.  


The National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) is one of the oldest, largest, and fastest growing Pan-Asian organizations in North America.  As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, NAAAP aims to inspire and cultivate Asian and Pacific Islander (API) leaders through leadership development, professional networking, and community service.  NAAAP has thousands of leaders and members across its national administration, national board of directors, and over 30 chapters located in metro areas like Washington, D.C. Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and Toronto. 

NAAAP’s tagline is “We Build Leaders.”  Our Vision is that “NAAAP is the premier leadership organization for Asian professionals.” NAAAP’s Mission is: 1) Cultivate and empower leaders for professional excellence, 2) Connect accomplished professionals for mutual success, 2) Engage and participate with the community-at-large, and 4) Inspire leaders to make a meaningful difference in government, education, business, and society.  NAAAP’s values are to LEAD: Leadership: Develop, inspire, and connect leaders, Education: Excel at lifelong learning, Accountability: Honor commitments to deliver value, and Diversity: Embrace a culture of inclusion and innovation.

NAAAP has several programs for professional development.  NAAAP hosts an annual Leadership Academy, typically in February or March, where NAAAP’s national and local leaders learn and coordinate on the aims and work of the organization.  In August or September, NAAAP hosts a Leadership Convention that offers panels, workshops, and seminars on topics important to API professionals and the API community. NAAAP national has programs focused on employee resource groups (NAAAP ERG), women (Women in NAAAP, or WIN), the LGBTQ community (NAAAP Pride), mental health and overall wellness (NAAAP Self-Care and Wellness), and other special interests of API professionals.

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