NAAAP100, Inspire, NAAAP Pride Awards

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NAAAP100 Award

In 2008, NAAAP began a program to recognize the most exemplary leaders in the Asian community. The NAAAP100 award is offered annually to the most influential leaders who have made significant contributions to their profession and the Asian community. Previous award winners include the late Senator Daniel Inouye, Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi, Superbowl MVP Hines Ward, and playwright David Henry Hwang.

Inspire Award

In 2016, NAAAP also began a program to recognize our most promising up-and-coming leaders in the Asian community. Like NAAAP100 honorees, these NAAAP Inspire honorees have had a significant impact in business, government, or nonprofits.

NAAAP Pride Award

In 2018 NAAAP Pride was officially launched as a national program to empower, educate, engage, and celebrate the Asian American LGBTQ+ professional community and its allies by providing education, promoting visibility, and developing current and future LGBTQ+ leaders.  To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of NAAAP Pride, the NAAAP Pride Award was established to honor an influential leader in the Asian American LGBTQ+ community who has made significant contributions in advancing LGBTQ+ leadership, equality, and visibility.

Nominations for both awards are now closed.

Nominations are being reviewed by a committee comprising NAAAP’s leaders and approved by NAAAP’s National Board.  Decisions are based on the nominee’s career achievement and reputation, contribution to the Asian community, and alignment with NAAAP’s vision and mission. Individuals who nominated for a NAAAP100 award are automatically also considered for a NAAAP Inspire award. Each year, typically two to three nominees will be selected for the NAAAP100 honor and one nominee will be selected for the NAAAP Inspire honor.