Chareeda Rustanavibul


>>> Portfolio Manager at Silicon Valley Bank

Chareeda is a banker, a DEI advocate, an entrepreneur and a non-profit leader. She currently serves as the Director of the Women in NAAAP Committee of the Boston Chapter. 

Outside of NAAAP, she has spent most of her life in hospitality having to help run her parents’ family business at a young age. After graduating from her alma mater Bowdoin College in 2018 with a degree in Biological Sciences and Economics, Chareeda transitioned her career into banking. She has expertise in Wealth Management and Commercial Lending and recently started a new opportunity in Startup Banking and Tech. Chareeda currently serves as a Portfolio Manager at Silicon Valley Bank supporting 700+ early stage founders and startups in the Boston/Greater New England market. 

 Chareeda is extremely passionate about empowering the voices of Asian American women in the professional space through her commitment to volunteerism. At her alma mater, she served as Co-President of the college’s Asian Students Alliance group. Transitioning into her profession, her passion for DEI advocacy continued through her involvement as a steering committee leader at M&T Bank’s Asian Pacific American Resource Group (APARG). With an adeptness for programming events, connecting people and spreading cultural awareness within her community, Chareeda continues to pursue her passion by relaunching the Women in NAAAP Committee in Boston in July of 2020.