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ERG Summit

At this year’s summit, we will be building a better model starting from first principles, focused on what every employee wants to feel: I belong, I am engaged, I am empowered, I am supported.

Employee Resource Group Summit

ERG stands for employee resource group. Depending on the organization, ERGs may also be referred to as: employee resource networks, business resource groups, special emphasis programs, diversity and inclusion affinity groups, civil rights advisory councils, or any other coupling of synonyms for “employee” + “support” and “group”.

They are the corporate and governmental equivalent of student clubs, designed to make employees of all backgrounds feel supported in the organization.

 “Product market fit” is another way of asking if your product solves a real problem. Do people like your product enough such that they would be sad if you took it away from them? This concept has long been a struggle for ERGs, as organizations within which they exist vary widely in their level of support for them.

To be clear, positive ERG experiences do exist. However, they are built on the back of impassioned leaders who are not compensated for the extra work. They are basically working two jobs, and when that person leaves, the soul of the ERG disappears as well.

The goal of this summit is to find ERG product market fit. The problems we’re going to solve include how to:

    • Give people the space to ask questions relentlessly
    • Leverage ERGs to build a culture of belonging
    • Firmly tie your ERG to your North Star through success metrics
    • Foster a culture of compassion through operationalizing kindness

In addition to these four core sessions for the ERG Summit, we will also be providing access to the best and brightest from ERG from several of our strategic partners, giving you a chance to learn how they are finding product-market fit as the world emerges from a global pandemic, changing work forever.

See the Day 1 ERG Summit Agenda


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