Meet Katerina Jeng

Co-founder and CEO of Slant’d

Katerina Jeng will be speaking about how she forged her own path to entrepreneurship, the creation of Slant’d, and the power of creativity to act as a vehicle for self-discovery, community building, and change.

Katerina is the co-founder and CEO of Slant’d, a media company that celebrates Asian American identity through personal storytelling. What started off as a passion project quickly evolved into a collective vision to build a diverse and intersectional community, leading to a fully-funded Kickstarter campaign for their first literary magazine and coverage from CBS News, Talks@Google, TEDxJHU, and more. Katerina is also the co-founder and Strategic Director of Spectacle, a marketing agency that helps transform businesses into beloved brands.

Previously, she’s worked at companies ranging from well-known tech giants like Yahoo and Flickr, to small startups across Silicon Valley. She’s passionate about music, mindfulness, and making topics like race & identity easier to talk about in our everyday lives. Katerina holds a Bachelors of Arts in English & Music from Cornell University.

Hear how Katerina forged her own path to happiness.


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