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To many NAAAP members, the Leadership Convention feels and mimics a family reunion. Share your great experiences as we will be relying heavily on your word of mouth to spread the news about this year’s Virtual Leadership Conference. 

Our toolkit is available and will continuously be updated. If you have a specific need that you can’t find here, contact us.

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Students register free! Provide Fall schedule to registration@naaap.org
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Your NAAAP membership has a benefit! Take advantage of that benefit to network with others, grow professionally, and learn from leaders that has shifted their objectives during the pandemic. #naaapshift


Your membership is a ticket to NAAAP’s Virtual Leadership Conference happening on Friday, August 21, 2020. We have a great lineup of speakers and workshops for your inquisitive mind and entrepreneurial spirit. Network with members and leaders that are shifting their objectives and priorities during a new era. Find ways to succeed from your home-office at www.leadershipconvention.org 


National Association of Asian American Professional is proud to announce their first virtual conference! In lieu of the traditional in-person convention, this year’s growth and networking opportunities will happen live at your fingertips on August 21, 2020 from 12pm to 5pm. Stay tuned as we announce exciting sponsorships and speakers who are committed to keeping our leaders strong and members educated of the newest dynamics in today’s work environment. #naaapshift


Whether you’re a recent grad, a young professional, or an active job seeker, National Association of Asian American Professionals is hosting a virtual conference that connects growing professionals with inspirational speakers and providing networking opportunities for all ethnic and professional backgrounds.#naaapshift



National Association for Asian American Professionals is introducing a virtual conference this year to remotely connect inspirational leaders and growing professionals. Join us on Friday, August 21, 2020 to network with other leaders and members on shifting, adapting, and achieving success during a new era. Follow us at @National Association of Asian American Professionals as we announce exciting sponsors and engaging speakers, such as founders of @Asian Hustle Network. Our community is committed to keeping our members strong and educated in today’s new work environment and dynamics. Learn more at www.leadershipconvention.org #naaapshift

In-depth Option:

There’s no doubt that we, as society, have adapted a new form of everyday life. Logging in is now the start of any engagement. A remote access to society is, in hopes, a temporary avenue of social interaction. As we shift our normal activities to a safe learning environment, we implore this year’s attendees and members to navigate the virtual professional setting together. This year’s conference will take place virtually on your desktop and available at your fingertips. The conference will focus on challenges as a student, a young/mid-career professional, an entrepreneur, or an executive leader. Learn to stay focused on professional growth, remotely, and learn to maintain an active network while quarantined. We explore insights from inspirational leaders through the first Virtual Leadership Conference, by NAAAP.

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