Mindy Weinstein 

>>> Director of the EEOC’s Washington Field Office

Mindy E. Weinstein is the Director of the EEOC’s Washington Field Office, which covers Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Ms. Weinstein oversees operations of the office, including investigations, mediations, federal sector hearings, and community outreach and education.

Before joining the EEOC’s Washington Field Office, Ms. Weinstein served as a Special Assistant to EEOC Vice Chair Leslie E. Silverman. In this role, she provided legal and policy guidance to the Vice Chair on a wide range of matters and helped lead the EEOC’s systemic task force, which developed a new strategic approach to identifying and eliminating classwide employment discrimination.

Ms. Weinstein previously held the position of Regional Attorney in the EEOC’s office in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she oversaw EEOC’s litigation in North and South Carolina. Her prior experience also includes serving as an attorney in the EEOC’s Systemic Litigation program in Washington, D.C., a Special Assistant to former EEOC Chairman Evan Kemp, a trial attorney in the EEOC’s Baltimore office, and a Special Assistant United States Attorney in Washington, D.C.

She is a graduate of Wellesley College and the George Washington University School of Law.