Thank you for supporting the NAAAP Virtual Leadership Conference.  Once again, NAAAP apologizes for troubles logging in and viewing or hearing the livestream.  NAAAP learned from GiANT, the provider of the learning service, that the root cause of the connectivity issues and slow site speeds was a hard disk that reached capacity with planned content and livestreaming. The full disk led to the server being unable to handle some of its other tasks like user connectivity and livestream playback. GiANT has handled conferences for 5000 and more participants previously without trouble. In light of NAAAP‘s conference’s experience, they are investing in more disk space. 

On Aug. 25 and again today, NAAAP is writing to explain this, to seek your feedback, and to offer you recordings of each session of the Conference. 

— Cyndy Yu-Robinson, Executive Director

on behalf of the NAAAP 2020 Conference Planning Team


Everyone who paid for Conference registration will receive 12 months membership with their local NAAAP chapter. An introduction to local chapter leaders will be made in a separate email. 

Everyone who registered for the Conference will also receive 30 days access to NAAAPtv, a leadership learning space, until Sep. 20.  Be sure to take a look around at the popular NAAAP leadership pathways.

Feedback Wanted!