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Self-Care & Wellness

What does healthy mean to you? What does wellness look like in your life? Are these questions you regularly ask yourself as part of your own care? If the answer is no, you’re not alone!

Join us for Reflection & Rejuvenation Breaks

Asian Americans are constantly subjected to the model minority myth and the growing pressure that pushes us into striving for more while unintentionally putting our health and self-care needs last. What makes this even more difficult is the unique obstacle we face with our dual identities as Asian Americans which prevents many of us from understanding our own individual health needs.

Being able to understand and embrace our identity is an integral part of our health, but sometimes finding a space that allows us to safely and confidently explore our identities is an obstacle in itself.

Throughout the Convention, join us for “Reflection and Rejuvenation Breaks” in the Pan American room.

What you can expect:

  • We will have a space dedicated to those simply needing a quiet space to rest and recharge between sessions
  • Another space for those looking for a more active break where we will offer massage sessions and guided meditations.
  • We also have guided journaling sessions. Journaling is a great way to meditate over everything on our minds, a way to organize our thoughts and get them onto paper. We will set our goals and intentions, as well as identify our challenges and struggles, reflecting on how we can overcome those.

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